Don’t Drink Bad Beer this Superbowl

This is what football with good beer looks like

This is what football with good beer looks like

It’s one week until the national holiday known as Superbowl Sunday.  If you follow the expensive commercials, then you know that you should be drinking a fizzy, light beer on this sporting holiday.     I don’t know about you, dear reader, but I don’t always do what people tell me.  Would you rather drink a beer that has expensive commercials or would you rather drink a beer that actually tastes good?? No longer do you need to sacrifice good beer to enjoy a game!  So follow these tips to crack open a cold one and enjoy deliciously and responsibly!

Rooting Interest

It is a well known fact that drinking a beer from the city in which a team plays increases that team’s chances of winning.  Thus, if you are rooting for Baltimore, I might pick up some Heavy Seas , Flying Dog, or Union Craft Brewing products.  If you live in hilly San Francisco, you might want to grab some products from Anchor Brewing Company, 21st Amendment.  This isn’t limited to actual fans of San Francisco or Baltimore either – it also works if you happen to have thrown down a few bucks on one of these teams.


No specific rooting interest? drink a beer from the state of your team to start ensuring their success now for the 2013 season.  Bonus points if you can drink a beer from the city of your team.  Some areas this is easier than others.  For example, Chicago is a Craft Beer hotspot with Revolution, 5 Rabbit, Half Acre, Metropolitan, Two Brothers, and Solemn Oath.  You may choose to go basic- such as a nice 312- or you may choose to go fancy- such as Sofie or Matilda.  Note: I would reserve the more expensive, fancier beers for celebrating a big win over the Packers!  Our neighbors to the north have a fine sampling of beer as well- so Wisconsin fans, tip back a Point, Lakefront, or New Glarus.  Green Bay even has a few breweries of their own, if you are pulling for one of their team: Hinterland and Titletown.  Ok, maybe we’re being a little too focused in on the Midwest.   Ok, let’s head to Colorado- everyone knows that Coors is brewed with “Pure Rocky Mountain Spring Water,” but there’s way more to Colorado than Coors.  How about a nice Avery White Rascal to cheer on your Colorado teams?  Or a New Belgium Snow Drift?

If you happen to discover a bold hoppy/malty sensation on your tongue while drinking a craft beer, don’t be alarmed; this is what real beer tastes like.  If you happen to start feeling the effects of your beer after just one, don’t be surprised; real beer is powerful.

As always, please enjoy responsibly, and don’t waste time drinking light, fizzy beer during your Superbowl party.

By the way, check out to discover who sells craft beer near you.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Drink Bad Beer this Superbowl

  1. Even though it’s no longer brewed in Baltimore the tradition of National Bohemian (or Natty Boh as we Baltimorons call it) will certainly be consumed by many Ravens fans far and wide. I’ll be drinking Natty Bohs this weekend as it’s tradition to drink “A Baltimore beer for a Baltimore win”.

  2. Love that my alma mater Point is listed alongside my all-time favorites Leinie’s and New Glarus. I miss the days of $1 Point Specials!

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