Ale To The Burbs Beer Bus Tour

On the trail of craft beer in Chicago’s western suburbs.

On a sunny Saturday afternoon in August, the crew Beer Dogging invited us to join them on their second ever Ale To The Burbs Beer Bus Tour on a Chicago Brew Bus.  The goal: to find some great craft beer.

Standard Market

Beer Dogging DonThe day started at Standard Market in Westmont, a combination Grill/Grocer/Deli/Bar.  Participants strolled in slightly after noon.  Some of us grabbed a sandwich and a pint, and made conversation as we waited for the day’s events to begin.

We didn’t wait long before Don from Beer Dogging excitedly described the plan to us and Standard Market’s Beer/Cheese pairing expert, Colin, began exercising his craft on us with some tasty beer and cheese combos.

Beers included in the pairings were:

  • Two Brothers SideKick
  • Furthermore Fatty Boomblatty
  • Deschutes Black Butte Porter
  • Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale
Standard Market Cheese Plate

Standard Market Cheese Pairing Plate

Wild Monk

Wild MonkAfter polishing off our cheese and beer samples we jumped in the bus and headed towards Wild Monk in LaGrange, IL.  On the way we shared bottles and recounted stories of beer trails of years past.

Upon arriving a Wild Monk we discovered some great finds like Goose Island’s Bourbon County Stout and Founders Devil Dancer.  We were also treated to their fried Brussel Sprouts which turned out to be surprisingly good.

We soon had our fill at Wild Monk and jumped back on the bus and tried some local homebrew and well-known rarities (Heady Topper, Parabola), and headed off to our next destination.

ale to the burbs beer bus

Sharing beer on the brew bus


Brixie'sThe next stop on our tour was Brixies Bar & Grill in Brookfield.  Brixie’s has an impressive draft beer selection and a menu that is sure to delight any pub go-er.  Brixie’s has also proven that classic pinball machines and craft beer pair together surprisingly well.

Back on the beer bus and on to the next stop, the craft beer community proves it’s awesomeness as a beerdogger opens his bottle of Founder’s Doom and proceeds to share it with everyone on the bus.

Founder's Doom

If you drop this bottle it will be YOUR Doom

Cigars and Stripes

Cigars and Stripes Pumking

Cigars and Stripes happened to tap Pumking right in front of us

The fourth and final stop on our tour was Cigars and Stripes BBQ Lounge in Berwyn, owned by hot sauce expert and crazy person, Ronnie Lottz.  The decor of Cigars and Stripes can only be described as eclectic and amazing, while the craft beer selection can be described as impressive.  It would also be an insult not to mention the food here.  Although we didn’t get a chance to sample the famous hot wings, I can tell tell you that the chili is great.

All too soon our time at Cigars and Stripes was over, and we were back on the bus and heading home.

Want to join Beer Dogging on their next Beer Bus tour?  Stay tuned to for info on the next event. is a service that helps you find your favorite craft beer and, and helps craft beer resellers reach more customers.

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